Weddings & Unions

We enjoy catching natural reactions and have a very journalistic approach to things. There are some posed shots, but we really strive to catch couples and their loved ones in their element.

Above all else, we make sure that we do not ruin the experience for any of your guests. This means we do not stand in the aisles during any part of the ceremony, or shuffle around during vows. None of that. During the ceremony, we will stay in place, and then recreate certain shots (i.e. exchanging rings) close-up afterward.

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We do our best to work with your wants and needs, and completely understand that not every couple is going to want the same prints, canvases, photo books, etc. In many cases, couples ask only for a USB with digital copies of their photos, and that’s totally fine with us!

Shoot us a message or give us a call, so that we can talk about your big day!



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